Children Programs

Welcome! All programs have a degree of bilingualism (English and Spanish) and most of the stories come from Latin American or Hispanic cultures. Each program may include 3 to 4 stories. As well, except the programs targeting the youngest (30 minutes), all programs last 45 minutes.

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Children from 4 to 7 years old (Pre K to 1st grade)

Goofy Animals

Through the tales of clever and treacherous animals, we will learn how nature and its creatures came to be the way they are today! 

Elefantito or How The Elephant Got His Trunk? (Africa), 
Washi the doggie that could not bark (Amazon),  
Goss the Whale (Argentina)

Silly Monsters

Did you know that not all monsters are scary? and with some help from your friends, you can scare them away, even the ones hiding in the closet!

The Belly Button Monster (Olga Loya - California)
The spoiled dragon (José Martinez - Costa Rica)
Bat defeats the horrible, terrible, hideous monsters (Texas)

Children from 7 to 9 years old (2nd and 3rd grade)

 Cuentos to Count

Enjoy counting and learning more about the celestial bodies, through these highly engaging stories, where all kids get to participate, practice what they know while having fun!



Why La Luna (moon) is single? (Yaki-Mexico)

The man who could not count Frijoles (Maya)

 Children     Heroes

Who said that only adults can save the day? Children have been heroes in many folktales from around the world, let's take a look at the ingenious ways the children in these stories outsmarted the adults!


Juan Bobo and The Flies (Argentina-Puerto Rico),
Topec and the Rain (Argentina)
Pedrito and the Laughing Skull ( Dominican Republic)

Children from 9 to 11 years old (4th and 5th grade)

Magic comes in 3

In these Hispanic stories, we will enjoy fairy and folktales where the number 3 brings the magic!




The 3 Shawls (Spain)

The Earth Ate Them (Argentina)

The Drawing School (Spain)

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