Here is what some teachers and students have said about my performances!

"The students enjoyed her stories and her way of telling them…the way she told the stories was memorable and touched on different learning styles...As Carolina tells the story she draws you in with her body language and her voice.”

                                                                                                  - Ms. Coco, Spanish Teacher, University School,  Johnson City, TN. 2013

“A group of teenagers is a difficult audience to contend with, but Carolina grabbed and kept their attention easily with stories from her homeland and the traditional elements of storytelling, like changing the inflections in her voice and making sounds to illustrate the conversations within the tales.”  

                                   Carol Faniola, Coordinator of Language Teachers, Science Hill High School, Johnson City, TN, 2013

“With her Latin American background, she told stories that got my students excited and more curious about Latin American culture and its people. Her storytelling skills in both English and Spanish were amazing and captivating. She is powerful communicator and an excellent storyteller who knows how to entertain and educate her audience.”                   

                                        Dr. Jerome Mwinyelle,  East Tennessee State University, Johnson City, TN, 2012-2013