The repertoire of Native and Hispanic Tales in Texas and Latin America

Hispanic Tales in Texas and the South West

(Spanish people in the South West)

Memories (New Mexico)

The Teacher (New Mexico)

El Sueño del Soltero (New Mexico)

The Dance of the Tecolotes (Texas)

Coyote and Hissquawasediki (Texas)

How Coyote got the Fire (Texas)

Lost Mines (Texas)

Native Latin America

The Aztecs

The Hungry Goddess (Myth)

The Five Suns (Myth)

Quetzacoatl's Journey (Legend)

La Malinche (Historical)

The Tree of White Flowers (Legend)


The Maya

The First People (Myth)

The Twin Brothers (Myth) 

IxChel and the Dragon Flies (Myth)  


The Bird Who Cleans the World (Folktale)

Beans (Folktale)

El Sip (Folktale/Fairy Tale)

Why Quetzal is the Most Beautiful Bird


The Sweetest Song in the Woods (Legend)

El Enano de Uxmal (Legend)

Xtabay (Legend)

The Boy Who Cried Tears of Jade (Legend)


La Tatuana (Lit. - Miguel Angel Asturias)



The Old Cemetery (Spooky)

The Dog Who Spoke - (Spooky)

Mesoamerican Native Tales

How the Sea was born (Taino people - Myth)

The Giants on Earth (Honduras - Myth)

Earth, Fire, and Flood (Tupinambá people - Myth) 

The Flaming Flower (Chichimec - Myth)


The Invisible Hunters (Miskito people - Legend)

Tahui (Tarahumara people - Legend) 



Native South America

The Legend of El Dorado (Muiscas - Historical)

Bochica (Muiscas - Myth)

Pachacamac y Wakon (Inca-Wary - Perú)


How the night came to be (Amazon- Myth)

Etsa and Iwia (Shuar people - Legend)

Nucep and Dog that couldn't bark (Shuar)

Meset "war" (Shuar)


Imabura's Window (Cachinahua - Ecuador)

The Armadillo's Night (Cachinahua - Folktale)


La Papa (Sapalla - Perú - Legend)

The Magic Lake (Inca -Perú - Legend)

Topec and La Lluvia (Mapuche - Argentina-Legend)

Latin American Spooky Tales

In the Mirror (Colombia)
The Phantom Children (Mexico)

What the Dogs Saw (Mexico)

The Earth Ate them  (Argentina)

The Eternal Wanderer of the Pampas (Argentina)

La Ciguanaba (El Salvador)

Disbelief (Mexico - Día de Muertos)

La LLorona (Mexico)

El Cadejo (Guatemala)


Latin American Folktales

El Hombre Caimán (Colombia)

El Pongo (José María Arguedas - Perú)

Why the Rabbit has Long Ears (Colombia)

Juan Bobo and the Flies (Puerto Rico)

La Vendedora de Nubes (Elena Poniatowska - Mexico)

Las Medias de los Flamencos (Horacio Quiroga - Uruguay)