Tweens - Middle School

Welcome! Just so you know all performances last 45 minutes. The subjects I bring to tweens are Mythology, Phantoms and Love! Check the video at the bottom of the page!

Love is a trickster - Folktales

In these wise and humorous tales, we will see how Love tricks, heals and finds its way
to take us onto magical quests.


Stories: The Caiman Man (Colombia),
La Reina Mora (Spain)
and The Sweetest Song in The Woods (Maya). 

Moon Stories - Mythology

For many cultures, the moon is one celestial body that has always represent mystery or
the unknown. To some, the Moon is a woman to others a male, but whatever it is, 
the moon tells a very unique story. 


Stories: IxChel and the Dragonflies (Maya),
Why the Moon is single (Yaki),
Pachacamac y Wakon (Andean world)

Gods and Goddesses of Meso America

Men of Maize - Maya

The Maya were one of the most advanced civilizations that prospered in the Americas.

They knew the concept of zero, were astronomers, great builders, and mathematicians. Let's travel in time to meet the men of maize. Mayan stories are among the most interesting and revealing in the Americas.

Learn more about the cultures, believes, history and their struggles through their Myths and Legends.

The Five Suns - Aztec

The Aztecs were one of the most developed cultures that the conquistadores encountered when they first reached the Americas.

The Aztecs considered themselves as the inheritors of a great history, descendants of the Toltecs.

During their brief reign over Meso America, they set out to conquer and expand their empire.

Latin American Phantoms

Have you heard of El Vaquero Maldito? of witches and people that after death come back to guard their own treasures?

These stories will transport you to times and realms where magic, curses and bad luck fell upon the greedy or on imprudent fellows and cast them out to roam and haunt the roads of Latin American and the Hispanic world.

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