Tweens and Young Adults

Welcome! Just so you know all the performances last 45 to 60 minutes. Most stories are told in English but they may have dialogues or expressions in Spanish or other languages.
All performances are flexible and if requested they can be combined!

Click on the performance of your interest to read more about, listen to a story or watch a video!

Love is a trickster - Folktales

In these wise and humorous tales, we will see how Love tricks, heals and finds its way
to take us onto magical quests.


Stories: The Caiman Man (Colombia)
La Reina Mora (Spain)
The Sweetest Song in The Woods (Maya)


Gods and Kings
of the Aztecs

The Aztecs were one of the most developed cultures that the conquistadores encountered when they first reached the Americas.
The Aztecs considered themselves as the inheritors of exceptional history, descendants of the Toltecs.
During their brief reign over Meso America, they set out to conquer and expand their empire. Through their Myths, Legends and Historical Narratives the audience get to have a closer look at how fascinating the ancient cultures of Mesoamerica were.

Stories: The Five Suns (Mexico)

Quetzalcoatl's Flee (Mexico)

The Tree of White Flowers (Mexico)

60-minute performance

Stories: Man of Maize (Guatemala)

The Twin Brothers (Guatemala)

IxChel and the Dragon Flies (Guatemala)

Gods of the Maya

The Maya were one of the most advanced civilizations that prospered in the Americas.

They knew the concept of zero, were astronomers, great builders, and mathematicians. Let's travel in time to meet the men of maize. Mayan stories are among the most interesting and revealing in the Americas.

Learn more about the cultures, believes, history and their struggles through their Myths and Legends.

60-minute performance.



Let's celebrate the old tradition of The Day of The Dead. Through these stories, kids learn more about how the celebration of November 1 and 2 is carried out in different Latin American countries...and of course, they will get a good fright!

Stories: The Spirits Return (Guatemala)

Señora Muerte (Colombia)

In the Mirror (Colombia)

Listen to one story here:

Old Ghosts of Latin America

Let's meet some of the most famous Latin American Ghosts.


La Llorona (Mexico)

The Man Who Met La Llorona (Guatemala)

El Cadejos (Costa Rica)

Listen to one story here:

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