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MAKE IT BILINGUAL is an online workshop.

Who can attend? Teachers, Librarians, Parents, and Storytellers.

Description:  struggling with bilingualism? Wonder how to adapt one of your favorite stories into a dual-language experience? But how much of each language do you need? When is it enough?

In this workshop, we will address questions related to the process of making a story bilingual. The goal is to walk out with at least one bilingual or trilingual story and tons of other ideas.

Session 1: Pre-recorded video on the basics of bilingualism. The participants will be given a suggested material to review before the next meeting.
Session 2: Q&A meeting with attendees to address questions.
Session 3: One on One meeting with each participant to review the story they are adapting.
Session 4: Voluntary meeting with all participants to share a story they have adapted to a bilingual or multilingual format. The participants can share the process of adapting the story or the story.

Note: Sessions 2 and 4 will be scheduled based on the participants' availability. These sessions will be recorded in case someone cannot attend. Course 3 will be agreed between the presenter and each attendee.

Interested? Ask me about it!