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Did you know?

I am...



2022 ALTERNATE ROOTS Professional Development Grant Recipient 

2021 PRX - GOOGLE PODCAST CREATOR Program - Tres Cuentos

2018-2022 Texas Commission on the Arts Touring Artist

2019 NALAC Grant Fund for the Arts Program Grant Recipient 

2019 ALTERNATE ROOTS Project Development Grant Recipient 

2016 J.J. RENEAUX Emerging Artist Grant Recipient 

2015 and 2016 Recipient of a START PLACE grant by
2013-2014 The City of San Antonio, 
Department for Culture and Creative Development

Outstanding performance, ETSU Storytelling Program.

Did you know...

I was born and raised in Cali, Colombia.


My first name is pronounced: KA -ROW -LEE - NA


And my last name is pronounced: KEY-ROW-GA


I love making puppets! 

My Bio

In case you need a headshot and a short bio...

I am a bilingual storyteller, performer, podcaster, and author born and raised in Cali, Colombia (South America). I graduated in 2013 with a master's in Storytelling from East Tennessee State University.

My repertoire of bilingual stories explores the Myths, Legends, Folktales, Historical Narratives, and literature of Latin America and Hispanic cultures.

I have performed at several festivals, conferences, and venues in Texas, Nebraska, Louisiana, Tennessee, Georgia, Florida, North Carolina, Indiana, Minnesota, Colorado, Utah, and Kansas City. 

I have told stories to diverse audiences at numerous schools, libraries, universities, and colleges.

Check the venues I have told a story or given a workshop.

Listen to the story of my journey.



I have organized and produced cultural events in Texas, such as Las Animas de Los Muertos Storytelling Performance, a Day of the Dead Celebration of Stories in November 2015. The show was possible through a grant from the City of San Antonio Department for Culture and Creative Development.

During the summer of 2016, I produced my second performance in San Antonio, called Curanderiando: Tales of Healing. The show was funded again from a grant from the City of San Antonio.

On April 2017, with San Antonio Storytellers, and through a grant from the City of San Antonio, we produced the Día de Los Niños y Niñas: Stories From All Around The World, A multicultural and Multilingual Storytelling Event.

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